Sterling L. Gilmore was raised on the South Side of Chicago.  He is a black-owned business, he has established his own business called "Camera Nerdy Shoot". Gilmore has been a professional photographer for 8 years. He graduating from Gary Comer College Prep, in 2013, a campus of the Noble Street Charter School.  
Gilmore has worked with amazing clients and companies, such as Power 92 (Radio Station), BET Network, Obama Foundation, C.H.A.M.P.S Mentoring Programs, The Promontory, Noble Campuses, Gary Comer Youth Center, Nike, Surround Sound Fashion, In Her Shoes Foundations, Capitol Music Group, The BluePrint Men's Summit, Dream Hustle Code, RAINBOW PUSH Coalition, and many more.  His work is used to expressing his ability to be creative and artistic to do what he loves to do. He will continue using his creativity and vision work to capture those precious moments for his all clients.
Gilmore has worked with well-known clients such as  Dr. Eric Thomas, Layton Green, Ella Varner, BJ The Chicago Kid, Nia Kay, Louis Carr, and etc. Gilmore has the ability to give his clients the best quality and excellent work that they are looking for.
Gilmore has further more developed his strengths at Medill Media Teens Chicago. This program, based out of Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism, focuses on learning about journalism and photography.
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