Dream Hustle Code, it started with Code.org's What Most Schools Don't Teach video.  Trying to get our 8 year old son to pay attention to a "cool video" about Computer Science turned into a chore until he saw "someone cool" who looked like him and who shared the same interest as him "basketball."  That's all it took. 
Technology and Computer Science is not going away.  Tech affects our lives daily. Today, there are over half a million jobs (546K+) in computer science/computing.  Sadly, there are less than 10% of computer science grads who are ready for the job market.  And the numbers aren't looking better. In black + brown communities, those numbers are more grim.
So instead of complaining about it, we did something about it! Since 2013, we have organized computer science events [Summer Coding Camp and Hour of Code events in multiple states] so that kids from under-represented communities can tap into the tech ecosystem and see how they, too, can be creators + producers of technology and not just consumers.
Founder by: Ian Michael Brock (young 16 years old, founder of Dream Hustle Code)
Photographer by: Sterling L. Gilmore  | @iamnerdyshoot  (Instagram)
Photographer by: Ted Vernon @ted.tv1  (Instagram)

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