CHI-Together: Socially-Safe Entertainment | Chicago Drive-In Movies & Music!
During this crisis, the Chicagoland area has been longing to get outside again, to gather to be amongst family and friends somewhere else beyond a virtual screen-meeting. The wait is over, come together at the CHI-Together Drive-In at Soldier Field!!
We proudly announce a fun-filled summer entertainment series with socially-safe and responsible amusement options for all through the end of the season. 
This will be your night out, go-to spot for family and friends alike. CHI-Together will provide Music Entertainment and Movie Screenings each night that also will include carpool-style concerts plus food and beverage options for all ages! 
It’s time to book your carpool party today! Located adjacent to Soldier Field in the South Lot near McCormick Place, this will be a return to a sense of normalcy, a sense of a combined community experience. (View more photos click on the link below)
Music by: DJ JSmooth 

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